“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to the assistance of counsel for his defense.” – U.S. Constitution, Amendment VI

  • Ga. Public Defenders Follow the Tradition of John Adams

    “When we think of John Adams, we think of an influential Founder and the second President of the United States. But in 1770, he was a 35-year-old lawyer and had never run for public office. Incredibly, Adams agreed to take on the defense of the soldiers. He didn’t just defend them— he zealously represented them. Not one of the soldiers was convicted of murder. Six were acquitted and two were found guilty of lesser charges.” – Bryan Tyson, Executive Director GPDC

    See full article in Insider Advantage here.

  • Melvin Cooper Honored Upon Retirement

    melvin retirement


    Chattahoochee Circuit Senior Assistant Public Defender Melvin Cooper retired on May 13th. Melvin joined this agency 12 years ago at its inception.

    In April 2016, Melvin won across the board not guilty verdicts in a murder case he tried in Muscogee Superior Court.  It was a wonderful way to finish up his career at GPDC.  As a memento of his victory, the office gave Melvin a nicely framed copy of the front page newspaper story on the case and a copy of the verdict. Melvin was a mainstay of the Columbus office and will be sorely missed.